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Andrea and Brandon had a beautiful wedding at the Historic Georgian Terrace Hotel. I am very excited to share that their wedding was featured in Munaluchi Bride’s 2017 Winter Magazine!! The magazine is amazing from start to finish. Make you get a copy of the magazine which has tons of inspiration! Thank you Munaluchi Bride for the feature! You can check out full feature here


Hello Everyone! Thank you for visiting my blog. I truly appreciate it. In a few days Andrea and Brandon will tie the knot. Can’t wait. I had a really great time with Andrea who flew in from Hawaii and Brandon who flew in from Houston. They are a very fun and laid back couple and i loved their chemistry. Check out some images from their shoot and their love story. Enjoy!

Brandon and I met on an online dating app. What is interesting is that I had almost given up using the app as a way to meet new people. Brandon happened to be the last person that messaged me before I deactivated my account. We conversed for about a month before we finally decided to go on a date. Our first date was at a restaurant and bar in San Antonio, TX. We instantly hit it off. After dating for about 3 months, I got word of an excellent opportunity that required me to relocate to Hawaii. Brandon and I decided we would commit to a long distance relationship.
After over a year being apart, we decided we would take a cruise. The night before we were to sail off, Brandon took me to a restaurant in the Pearl District of San Antonio. After dinner, Brandon suggested that we walk around and take in the beautiful scenery. During our walk, Brandon shared his plans in life and how he wanted me to be a part of it. He also expressed our deep love for each other. As we headed back to the car to return home, Brandon stopped once more. This time, he was on one knee with a white box in his hands, and the words “Will you marry me,” came out of his mouth. Filled with joy and excitement, I shouted “YES!”


076_fernbank_museum_of_natural_history_wedding | fotos by Fola |Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Hello Friends! Last year i shot Dionne and Maurice’s wedding and it was amazing! Check out their essence Bridal bliss feature here ! I remember the first time i met Dionne it was like we had known each other for years. Dionne and Maurice are an awesome couple and there is never i dull moment when with them. Their wedding ceremony took place at the historic Catholic Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and Wedding reception at the amazing Fernbank Museum of Natural History! I really love that we did a first look because we had so much time to take pictures at the Georgian Terrace Hotel before heading out for the ceremony. This wedding was so much fun.  Congrats to Dionne and Maurice! Check out some images below.

  027_Georgian_Terrace_Wedding | Fotos by Fola | Atlanta Wedding Photographer 066_Catholic_shrine_of_the_immaculate_conception_Wedding | Fotos by Fola | Atlanta Wedding Photographer 076_fernbank_museum_of_natural_history_wedding | fotos by Fola |Atlanta Wedding Photographer 076_fernbank_museum_of_natural_history_wedding | fotos by Fola |Atlanta Wedding Photographer



Planner – Get wed for less

Hotel – Georgian Terrace Hotel

Church – Catholic Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

Reception – Fernbank Museum of Natural History

Photographer – Fotos by Fola

Assistant Photographer- Social Shots Photograph

Caterer  – Bold American Events

Makeup – RED Boundless Beauty Co

Flowers- Candler Flower Mart

Ceremony Decor- Chuck Milne Productions

Videographer – D&R Films

DJ – DJ 6 Five

LIMO – BLACK Gray’s Limousines

Hair – Jillian Hair ATL

Officiant- Rev. Raschaad Hoggard

Cake- Sweet Expressions

Hello there! Adaobi & Ogonna are getting married exactly 1 month from today! Bad weather almost prevented this shoot from happening but thank God the rain held up.  I enjoyed my time with this awesome couple. Their fun and laid back attitude made the shoot a breeze. We started off at the Historic Georgian Terrace Hotel then proceeded to Lenox Park. Looking forward to the wedding next month. Check out some images below and the story of how they met. Enjoy!

According to Her:

It wasn’t the ‘love at first sight’ type of meeting, but it was ‘love at first talk’. Ogonna and my older brother, Uzo, were classmates in secondary school (FGC Nise). So I would say he knew me ‘indirectly’ though I didn’t know him. A mutual friend hit me up, asking for permission to give out my number to Ogonna. I was skeptical to talk to him at first, especially since he lived far away. However, I still agreed to give it a try.
The first few days we talked, the connection was shocking and almost unbelievable. We had a lot in common, including mutual friends. We talked and laughed day after day, night after night, and the rest they say is history.

According to Him:

I don’t know how to explain how God placed this amazing lady in my life. However, I’ve truly seen that everything happens for a reason.
I first knew of Adaobi when her pic caught my eye on her brother’s (who happens to be my high school buddy) Facebook page. I didn’t think too much of it, as she was just my friend’s sister, at the time at least. After I had practically forgotten all about that incident, my uncle’s wife wanted to introduce me to a friend that she grew up with. When I heard her name I was shocked that it was the same girl I had secretly admired a while back. After I calmed the butterflies in my stomach and finally gave her a call, I got to know a girl that I felt like I’d known all my life. I was also shocked at the number of mutual friends we had, but never crossed paths earlier.
As time went by, and we grew closer and closer, I had no doubt in my mind that I had found the girl I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. A girl that is perfect for me.

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Hello friends! Happy Monday. I am excited to have a super cool friend on the blog today! I’ve know Dupe (I call her Helen 🙂 ) for over 10 years and she is such a cool and down to earth person. I remember all the fun times we had at parties in Atlanta. Great memories. When she contacted me about her wedding I was so happy for her. I met Ope for the first time during the shoot and he is definitely the right guy for her. They make a great team and I love that. We had so much fun. Congrats once again. I am looking forward to the big day. For the shoot we just wanted to have great time. We played some golf and went around the beautiful city of Atlanta. Check out some of the images from shoot. Enjoy!

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Congrats guys!

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Hello Folks! I have a great surprise proposal to share today. Usually I start off by explaining the proposal plan and the entire process but today I will do the complete opposite. I will break down the proposal at the bottom of the post after you are done viewing the pictures. I want you to get an idea of how it went from your own perspective. Enjoy!

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1. Anand + Freny Surprise Proposal | Fox Theatre | Atlanta Wedding Photographer | Fotos by Fola

12. Anand + Freny Surprise Proposal | Fox Theatre | Atlanta Wedding Photographer | Fotos by Fola

20. Anand + Freny Surprise Proposal | Fox Theatre | Atlanta Wedding Photographer | Fotos by Fola


40. Anand + Freny Surprise Proposal | Fox Theatre | Atlanta Wedding Photographer | Fotos by Fola

60. Anand + Freny Surprise Proposal | Fox Theatre | Atlanta Wedding Photographer | Fotos by Fola

Now the story..lol 🙂

Anand reached out to me about his plan to propose a few weeks before the date so we had time to plot every aspect of the plan to perfection. I have done many proposals in the past but this one was definitely one of a kind! The plan was for the proposal to happen while Freny was on a Fox theatre tour. Anand and Freny went to a show at the Fox theatre the day before the proposal and he told her they won tickets to go on a tour of the Fox the next day. He later backed out claiming he had to work 🙂 . Anand had Freny’s close friend fill in for him so the plan was all set 🙂 . We realized it was going to be difficult to take pictures of her without her getting suspicious so we came up with a plan that I would be the staff photographer for the fox theatre. This gave me the freedom to take pictures of random people on the group tour but I obviously focused on Freny. It worked out perfectly! Anand had a second surprise. He invited close friends and family and had them all wait at the restaurant across the street (Livingston @ The Georgian Terrace Hotel). When we were done taking pictures Freny thought it was all over and I left as well. A few minutes later Anand walked her into the restaurant and she was shocked to see all the familiar faces! This was definitely one of my favorite surprise proposals and so glad I was part of it! Congrats to Anand and Freny. I wish you both the very best!

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