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Hello there! Adaobi & Ogonna are getting married exactly 1 month from today! Bad weather almost prevented this shoot from happening but thank God the rain held up.  I enjoyed my time with this awesome couple. Their fun and laid back attitude made the shoot a breeze. We started off at the Historic Georgian Terrace Hotel then proceeded to Lenox Park. Looking forward to the wedding next month. Check out some images below and the story of how they met. Enjoy!

According to Her:

It wasn’t the ‘love at first sight’ type of meeting, but it was ‘love at first talk’. Ogonna and my older brother, Uzo, were classmates in secondary school (FGC Nise). So I would say he knew me ‘indirectly’ though I didn’t know him. A mutual friend hit me up, asking for permission to give out my number to Ogonna. I was skeptical to talk to him at first, especially since he lived far away. However, I still agreed to give it a try.
The first few days we talked, the connection was shocking and almost unbelievable. We had a lot in common, including mutual friends. We talked and laughed day after day, night after night, and the rest they say is history.

According to Him:

I don’t know how to explain how God placed this amazing lady in my life. However, I’ve truly seen that everything happens for a reason.
I first knew of Adaobi when her pic caught my eye on her brother’s (who happens to be my high school buddy) Facebook page. I didn’t think too much of it, as she was just my friend’s sister, at the time at least. After I had practically forgotten all about that incident, my uncle’s wife wanted to introduce me to a friend that she grew up with. When I heard her name I was shocked that it was the same girl I had secretly admired a while back. After I calmed the butterflies in my stomach and finally gave her a call, I got to know a girl that I felt like I’d known all my life. I was also shocked at the number of mutual friends we had, but never crossed paths earlier.
As time went by, and we grew closer and closer, I had no doubt in my mind that I had found the girl I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. A girl that is perfect for me.

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I never get tired of capturing the love & fun in e-sessions. This session certainly had a massive dose of both. Although it was extremely hot the day of the shoot(Like sweating hot!) we still had an amazing time. Aleshia & Justin are getting married in beautiful Savannah. Definitely looking forward to it. The story of how Aleshia met Justin is a classic one so had to share. Enjoy 🙂

We should have met long before we actually did! We both attended Georgia Southern University and had a class right next to each other. One day getting off the elevator (feeling flirtatious) I noticed this cute guy sitting in the chair studying. He glanced (doing a double take) then looked back into his books. Later, I was walking with a friend to class and asked her if she noticed the cute guy sitting in front of the elevator ….my luck, she didn’t. Arriving to class, we prepared to take a test and I whispered to her, “Hey I can’t stop thinking about who that mystery guy was”, she laughed. So after acing my test, I went to my next class, I questioned other friends in my next class, giving full details, cute, tall, light skin, wearing a gray hoodie. Was I was seeing things?  So I put it in the back of my head and went on with my life. 🙂

A month later, on a Friday I was sitting in my quantitative analysis class conducting a performance review on the teacher. We finished class a few minutes early and the teacher asked if someone would take the forms to the third floor office ( Me never wanting to go to the third floor on a Friday, but knowing I need to make this professor my BFF to pass) I raised my hand.  I decided to take the furthest elevator down the hall up to the third floor checking out classes, the last door open and there stood my man, at least in my mind. Me, being very shy (smiling), I ducked my head and quickly ran in to the elevator.

After dropping off the forms, I left school made a “B” line to a close friend’s house to tell her the news. She was clueless! I had a 45 minute drive home thinking about this guy. So again I went on with my life.   Two months later, I woke up determined to find this guy, Today! I put on my Sunday’s best and left for school. I asked my friend Tracy if she would walk the hall and look into every class with me because I had to find him. So we retraced the first sighting…no guy…we get to the first classroom, stop, peeped in…still no mystery man. We had 2 more classes to go, one was mine.  I got distracted and looked away that’s when Tracy screamed “there he is” grabbing my arm.  We quickly ducked between the classroom doors and regrouped. I said to her “Are you absolutely sure” because she never saw him. She replied, “I just know”. I did a quick makeup and hair check then boldly walked to the door, WOW! There he was… with his big head looking right at me smiling.

Luckily, my class was cancelled; we rushed to Tracy’s to check Facebook, “the CSI for college students”.  Tracy remembered …he was the guy she had a class with her freshman year, “I think his name is Jason” Halfway through all the darn Jason’s at Georgia Southern, she said…” No it’s JUSTIN!”  We quickly put in Justin and 4 pages down Justin Stevens pops up! I sent a friend request to him… The rest is history!


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